Local Government Workcare (LGW)

The Queensland Local Government Workcare Scheme (LGW) provides workers’ compensation cover to  Local Government entities in Queensland. The first workers’ compensation self-insurance licence issued under the WorkCover Queensland Act 1996 was granted to LGW. The Scheme commenced operations on 1 June 1998, from which time the members have been able to collectively exercise control over and management of their workers’ compensation liability exposure.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson as the LGW Scheme Manager provides a comprehensive range of services and resources as part of the Scheme Membership including claims management, injury prevention and management and OH&S risk management. The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is trustee of the LGW Scheme. LGAQ, on behalf of LGW Scheme Members and through the LGW Management Committee, oversees the administration of the Scheme’s operations thus providing a valuable service to Queensland Local Government.

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